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A Literary Experiment using AI


I, like a lot of people, have been thinking about and playing around with AI.

For now, I’m less interested in using AI writing tools that will make stylistic decisions for me than I am in using ones that will find new ways to bring my writing to life or ways for it to spread across media. I’ve also been writing some fiction featuring an AI, and so this right now is a golden opportunity to do another experiment in the same vein as the others I’ve put on here, but to try to use technology to fuck with a story or push it in a new direction.

One thing I have over Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley might have been an immeasurably better writer than me, but she wasn’t able to open up D-ID, tell it to generate a talking head that looks ‘like a younger Peter O’ Toole’, select from a range of synthetic English accents, and then watch a digital mirror version of her creation read her words back to her.

(This is the only thing I have as a writer over Mary Shelley, but I will take this small win).

There’s a lot wrong with this from a style and craft perspective, but the overall effect is what I imagine happens when playwrights or scriptwriters hear actors perform their work.

Anyway, this is the first of a few of these AI creative experiments I’ve been doing, and I’ll post some more as they happen. Are you using any of these tools? Which are the most interesting or useful? What are the best examples of making things with them that you’ve seen?