Thoughts on fiction and persuasion from a writer and strategist.

Welcome, brave and kind reader of impeccable taste. This is a test space for experiments in fiction and communications, and so is a space for me to explore the vast expanse of my ignorance rather than the narrow confines of my knowledge. If you’re commitment-phobic, try a sample of the fiction, or the writing about persuasion.

Readers are advised this contains trace elements of:

Interactive writing and fiction

Commercial creativity, media and advertising

Brazilian creativity and culture

Music & sound.

Cities & Urbanism.

Side effects from repeated consumption may include intrigue, interest, disgust, rage and hopefully, changing the way you think.

If you’ve read this far, don’t pretend you’ve got anything better to do. Come for the verbal self-humiliation, stay for the accidental insight.

“A fool must now and then be right by chance"

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A test lab for writing - & sometimes thinking - that bridges the gap between fiction, communications, and culture. Come for the self-humiliation, stay for the accidental insight.


Prize-winning short story writer, novelist-in-progress, and creative strategist. “Specialisation is for insects”.