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The B of The Bang

Warning: a high-speed read containing adrenaline, testosterone and steroids.

So as promised in my last post, the video above the first in a series of story experiments.

Some will be just short stories or bits of more conventional narrative, and some of them will play around with AI, form and/or publishing platforms. In this case, it’s a combination of the last two.

I’ve been experimenting with speed-readers, and the result is this prototype verbal UFO:

The B of the Bang is a high-speed short story about two rival sprinters that can only be read at 400 words per minute

In this case, form - a story bombarded onto your eyeballs at pace - is meant to fit with content, theme and character. It’s a story about speed and obsession pursued to their physical and mental limits.

The attention span of the internet makes it important to state that this will take up two-and-a-half minutes of your time, or precisely 150 seconds - hopefully in rewarding fashion.

I hope you enjoy it, but please let me know if you find reading/watching torturous, eye-blurringly quick or just plain boring. If it’s too fast, here is a version at 350 words/minute.

I’ll publish a short post separately about the things that I used to make this on the off-chance that it’s useful or interesting to anyone.

Thanks for reading.

Fiction & Persuasion
Fiction & Persuasion
M.J. Hines